Sunday - May 07

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Eddie Prévost’s ‘Spirals’


Eddie Prévost’s ‘Spirals’

With members of the BBC SSO and Tectonics 2017 performers.

AMM co-founder and percussionist Eddie Prévost brings a third incarnation of his work Spirals to Tectonics Glasgow, using many of the festival’s soloists as performers. The aim, in Prévost’s words, is “to create new awarenesses of materials and relationships, whilst trying to build a sense of cohesiveness and response among a large group of musicians — without telling them precisely what to do.”

“The first version in 1968 was an exploration of new compositional techniques embracing prose and graphic material. The second occasion in 1973 (subject to the ‘zeitgeist’) brought ideas from the Kaballah to inform and enable a large ensemble. This version is primarily concerned with putting an exploratory ethos back into what has become an ‘experimental’ genre that seems to have neglected the spirit and activity of searching.”