Andrea Pensado

Based in the US since 2002, Pensado uses voice and electronics to make her music. Max is her main tool. The programming maps synthesis parameters into performance gestures. The approach to both, programming and performance is highly intuitive. The harsh cut up noise result, mixed with the strong emotional component of her music, generates a deeply personal sonic language which inevitably gives rise to intense responses in the most diverse audiences. In addition to her solo work, she has longtime collaborations with Chris Strunk & Walter Wright in different groups (Los Condenados, Bats From Pogo and Sheer Anxiety) and Jen Gelineau & Stephanie Germaine as Phurnne. Her newer projects include Every Cloud (with Nico Tracy) and The Impenitents (with Andy Kivela and Erik Brown). Her music has been released by Zeromoon, Feeding Tube Records, YDLMIER, Pan y Rosas, Hidden Temple Tapes, LITL, Ayurvedic Tapes, Anathema Archives, FTAM Productions and Basement Tapes. She plays extensively in the US and abroad. She performs in all sorts of varied venues from regular concert halls to art galleries, clubs, lofts, basements, record stores and "house-shows". She also runs Sonorium, a series of improvised experimental music in Salem, MA since 2010.

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