Jørgen Træen

Jørgen Træen lives in Bergen and has worked actively as a musician, composer, artist, sound designer, sound engineer and music producer since 1993. As a producer and engineer he has participated on several hundred releases through his work in Duper Studio, with renowned Norwegian artists like Susanne Sundfør and Thea Hjelmeland. Jørgen has toured and released records as Sir Dupermann and with the duo Toy and Golden Serenades among others. In many of his musical projects the focus has been on free improvisation and the experimental. He can be heard on the recent Hubro release of Øyvind Torvund's The Exotica Album playing alongside sax player Kjetil Møster and the BIT20 Ensemble. In recent years he has mostly worked with modular synths in both music productions and his own projects.

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