BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra 3

Philip Corner’s With Both Ears is a ‘joining of two pieces from the 70s’:  Inner Ear for strings and Outer Ear, ‘Birds in Tree’ and allows members of the orchestra to embrace openness, improvisation and indeterminacy. Then modernism, electronica and lounge-core collide in a live version of Øyvind Torvund’s The Exotica Album: sip a martini and sink into lush, dreamlike, easy-listening tunes, waves of noise and blip-blops from modular synthesisers as the world of exotica language is expanded and reimagined.

Philip Corner With Both Ears (World Premiere)
Øyvind Torvund The Exotica Album (UK Premiere)

Kjetil Trædal saxophones and electronics
Jørgen Traeen modular-synth & noise
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Ilan Volkov

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