Installation - Manuel Pessoa de Lima: Red Light Piano

The Red Light Piano is an installation and performance for piano, red lights, motors, and audio messages, where the pianist sets up a profile on Hookup apps stating: "I am a pianist looking for someone to perform for, in exchange for your audio messages on questions about love & relationship, which I am going to broadcast during the performance". Although red is commonly associated with romantic love, the piece immerses the audience in an environment dominated by machine sounds, automated light and pitch permutations. With Red Light Piano, this automatism becomes a commentary on everyday views on love, while opening the possibility for participants to challenge it. This piece is part of an effort by Manuel Pessoa de Lima to contact audiences foreign to experimental music, by taking their participation inside the work, and at the same time, connect an experimental music practice to common topics of human experience like failure (as in his other solo work The Failed Pianist), loneliness and love.

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